Thursday, May 6, 2010


"We are both living inside our two bodies and also far beyond them.
We are part of the exuberant nature which surrounds us,
of its soothing quiet and also of its sadistic Black Masses.
We are ceaselessly changing.
Into night-flowers, birds, trails of blood,
rags of skin lacerated by razor-blades -
now we are hoarse yells,
now the murmur of brooks under the moon.
Only in our imagination?
Where does imagination begin?
Where does it end? Is it morbid?
Why should we care?"

"The only thing I know for certain: this is eternity.
Our sighs are sighed by our innermost life.
Our breathing follows the rhythm of permanent orgasm,
we are cast in the iron mould of unending lust:
ceaselessly ebbing and flowing."

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