Saturday, October 25, 2008


Got opium in my chimney, no other life to choose
Nightmare made of hash dreams, got the devil in my shoes

Thursday, October 16, 2008


We're dancing on the no longor existing moon. I hear the silence begging me to scream my heart out - I wont listen. I refuse. Let's keep pretending. Live a lie. A never ending dream sailing on a long distant ship of shady, forgotten humanity. Let's burn this shit up and tare those liars apart. Hear me out as I crawl down the hallway like a crow made of air. You infected me... Now I also want to fight the break of dawn and never again feel the first rush of light. Experimentall waves of strange sound giving you those kicks and vibrations you could kill for. It's nice, isn't it? Punch me in the stomach and make me suffer and then carry you poetry elsewhere. You're well aware that we're in the middle of the circle of imagination. Stones soft as the sea. Seachring wild, loud caravan without succes. It's a marvelous night for laughter, but I'd rather stay in my room waiting for nothing. Dreaming. Wake up!!! Clock is ticking, brain is aching. Itching skin. Turning pages, changing songs. Waiting. Psychedelic ground transforming into some kind of explosion. Only I can see it. Smoking black cigarette with a hint of chocolate, you told me it would be fun. I know you lied, but still, somehow you convinced me. You were pouring your red wine into a mug made of paper, telling me you love me. Your eyes were red. The tiny man playing violin in your ears wont let you see what's called reality. The game you're playing is life.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Nostalgic depression sweeping by and now my mornings are distember grey. Let's turn back time and roll around on the moist grass with sun light fretting through our heads. Behold the night my beautiful, thin dancer of lust and pain. Why do you taste so well? Who poisoned you? Things were already burning before you was born. That creature of darkness was a horrible looking thing with all those ears, eyes and waving hands... and you're still smiling like an idiot. You gave up a long time ago. If you got ears, you don't have to listen. My back is aching and my head is exploading. It feels like I'm running but I don't want to fall. I heard the door slam so I ran down the rainbow of sin. You're surly like a root snatched from dry earth. If you got the chance you'd let a train run over you, and then you'd leave your lost shadow behind. Hollow winds passing us by. Green inflated trees swaying high up in the sky. Pull the trigger and watch those twinkling lights of crime and break in agony. In the nights I'm born into the flashed lightning while the thunder roars, but when they hear me cry all the clouds roll back into their places and the full moon fill the sky. I'm a child of the night, dancing beneath the stars and my mind come loose while I drift out of sight. Too high. You love my mystery.