Monday, November 1, 2010


I love night.
Flying carpets.
I dwell in the realm of possibility.
My loyalty is unshakable and my sanity is questionable.
I’m a strange kind womanchild.
Parallel galaxies.
My heart and mind challenge logic.
I straddle the line between darkness and light.
I collect words and pictures.
Time does not exist.
Mediocrity bores me.
Ignorance disgust me.
I'm obsessed by the moon.
Magical tea parties.
Pouring stearine.
I’m the sum total of all my days and all the days I have yet to create,
encounter and live through.
Bedazzling and being bedazzled.
I love cosmos.
I love the old ways that were the new ways that now shape my way.
Ancient maps of a world long gone.
Reflect and philosophize.
The shadowy places inside oneself.
Certainty found in obscurity.
Adventures and adventurers.
Poetry and lives lived as poems.
Instinct and insight.
Magical story-tellers.
Barefoot dancing.
I love people who make me listen and see and want to know more.
Hand written letters.
Don't understand beliefs based on narrow-mindedness and ignorance.
I believe i Gaia.
Maybe one day my edges will fail to contain me.