Monday, May 3, 2010

I stand in the eye of the cyclone
I stand in the heart of the fire
I stand in the depths of the sea
I stand in the center of the earth

I stand in the pillar of my Self
Of the stone, the moon, the sun,
of the stars that burn in space

My eye is open
My mouth speaks truth
My hand is strong

I whisper ancient magick
between speech and silence.

I lurk in realms of shadow
between darkness and light.

I am the endless changing
between what was and what may be.

I live in the place of power
beyond all good and evil.

I am the child
between man and woman.

I am the thought
between lies and truth.

I am the timeless moment
between past and future.

I am the mind of God
Wisdom beyond knowing.

Being and becoming
All and naught
I am the mystery
None may find.

Mine the womb of the universe
Mine the seed that spawns galaxies
Mine the world that all that is


levis said...

Åh <3
Underbart inlägg.

Lonesome Mama said...

Åh Marit, varför älskar jag dig så?