Thursday, November 20, 2008


The great moon overshines the thick clouds and there are beautiful creatures dancing behind it in other universes. I'm sure, I visited them yesterday. I remember the first time I slept beneath the stars. Now death holds my hand as we walk through a carnival with spectacular shadows that gathers into shapes of wild animals. Gravity is no longer exiting. Darkness comes and goes among the freakshow and I squeeze his hand tighter. I hear strange noice all around and things starts to move out of proportion. My throat swells. The wintertimes has arrived and my mental presence is burried. The only thing you see of me this time of year is nothing but a phantasm. Oh, what a mistake, what a waste, what a complete loss to no end. I'm so close to the windy evening. It brushes my cheek and sweeps away the night while we're still in deep slumber. It's violent and intruding by forcing itself through all sorts of fabrics who's covering every little inch of my body.
A dussin birds flew over the chaos below with nausea and despair. The silence is bawling its very soul out and now I know for sure that the flowers wont grow nor the air flow. Oh yes, now I know... This apathetic feeling of mine may never die. Oh, I'll have to ask the ruthless
nymphs to let me sleep. I look into your black eyes of desire. I swear, I thought I could fly. The waves surely find patterns between sorrow and joy and your desperate cry for help echoes in my mind as I walk along the wet, shiny aspahlt. Intense, distressful waves of weeping melodies are exploading from my old radio. I'm shivering deep, down inside. Such sweet flavour, I tell you.

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